Major Causes Of Stomach Ulcer You Should Know

Major Causes Of Stomach Ulcer You Should Know

Stomach ulcer isn’t your friend and it has really taken so many folks down to their early grave. Meanwhile, on this very content we’ll be sharing the major causes of a stomach ulcer but before we start treating that, let’s kindly look at what stomach ulcer is.

What is a stomach ulcer?

Stomach ulcers are sores in the lining of the stomach or small intestine. They occur when the protective mucus that lines the stomach becomes ineffective.

The stomach produces a strong acid to help digest food and protect against microbes. To protect the tissues of the body from this acid, it also secretes a thick layer of mucus. Stomach ulcers occur when the thick layer of mucus that protects your stomach from digestive juices is reduced.

This allows the digestive acids to eat away at the tissues that line the stomach, causing an ulcer. If the mucus layer is worn away and stops functioning effectively, the acid can damage the stomach tissue, causing an ulcer. An ulcer tends to produce a burning or dull pain in the stomach area.

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This pain is sometimes described as a “biting” or “gnawing” pain. Some people may describe a hungry sensation. Stomach ulcers are one type of peptic ulcer. There are two other types: Esophageal and duodenal ulcers. Esophageal ulcers form inside the esophagus, and duodenal ulcers occur in the uppermost part of the small intestine, known as the duodenum.

However, Stomach ulcers are relatively easy to cure, but they can cause significant problems if Left Untreated. Let’s go straight to the causes of stomach ulcer The most common causes are bacteria and the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Causes Of Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcers are almost always caused by one of the following:

1. An Infection With The Bacterium Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori):

Helico Bacteria is a stomach bacteria that have been considered though recently discovered, has been one of the causes of stomach ulcer. The bacteria is a known stomach bacteria.

H Pylori feeds on the lining of the stomach, causing cut on the stomach, which is called stomach ulcer.

2. long-Term Use Of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs), Such As Aspirin, Ibuprofen, or Naproxen:

Too much usage of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs causes stomach as the drugs inflict slight cuts on the lining of the stomach, thereby causing stomach ulcers. This overtime have been regarded as the major cause of stomach ulcer.

3. Starvation:

Starvation, yes is one of the causes of stomach ulcer one starve, the acid released to help to digest food in the stomach sees no food it interferes with the lining of the stomach, causing a wound on the stomach, so staying without food for a very long time causes stomach ulcer.

4. Stress:

Over time how this cause ulcer is not yet known biochemically, but scientists have proven the stress causes stomach ulcers. Going on we will discuss other subject matters Symptoms of stomach ulcer The classic symptom of a stomach ulcer is indigestion.

A number of symptoms are associated with stomach ulcers. The severity of the symptoms depends on the severity of the ulcer.

The most common symptom is a burning sensation or pain in the middle of your abdomen between your chest and belly button. Typically, the pain will be more intense when your stomach is empty, and it can last for a few minutes to several hours.

Other common signs and symptoms of ulcers include dull pain in the stomach weight loss not wanting to eat because of pain nausea or vomiting bloating feeling easily full burping or acid reflux heartburn, which is a burning sensation in the chest) pain that may improve when you eat, drink, or take antacids anemia, whose symptoms can include tiredness, shortness of breath, or paler skin dark, tarry stools vomit that’s bloody or looks like coffee grounds Some stomach ulcers go unnoticed and show no typical indigestion-type pains.

These ulcers are less common and tend to be diagnosed after the ulcer has started bleeding. Some ulcers can cause a hole in the stomach wall. This is known as perforation and is a serious condition. Stomach ulcer symptoms often change over time and can be difficult to spot.

Dietary changes can help prevent stomach ulcers from developing. Preventions of Stomach ulcers To prevent the spread of bacteria that might cause a stomach ulcer, wash your hands with soap and water on a regular basis.

Also, be sure to properly clean all of your food and to cook it thoroughly as needed. To prevent ulcers caused by NSAIDs, stop using these medications (if possible) or limit their use. If you need to take NSAIDs, be sure to follow the recommended dosage and avoid alcohol while taking these medications. And always take these medications with food and adequate liquids.

In addition to eating healthy foods, the following items may help reduce the effects of H. pylori, the bacteria responsible for many stomach ulcers. However, these supplements are not intended to replace prescription medication or your current treatment plan.

They include probiotics honey glutamine (food sources include chicken, fish, eggs, spinach, and cabbage) Your doctor may also have suggestions for things you can do at home to relieve discomfort from your ulcer.

Consider talking to your doctor about these natural and home remedies for ulcers. Hope we got something, now stay safe and practice good health.


Having read this, I wouldn’t fail to remind you that health is wealth and please don’t joke with it. When you take action towards living a better life, the moment you’ll be at the peak of enjoying a long life.

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