Common Photoshop Error and Solutions

Common Photoshop Error and Solutions

Common Photoshop Error and Solutions
Common Photoshop Error and Solutions

Common Photoshop Error and Solutions There are lots of error or challenges that have possible occurrence while getting started with Photoshop, in this tutorial I will be listing and explaining how to fix them.

The common error/problem or question you might encounter/ask of while working with Photoshop I will start with questions you might ask before getting started or while working with Photoshop.

The possible question you might ask: How To

Download and Installations Questions, answers/solutions

How do I download and install Photoshop: to download Photoshop application you need to visit the Creative Cloud website, sign in if you already have an account if you don’t then you have to create an account using your email and other required details. Once this is done, click on the download or install button on the preferred software you need, for Photoshop, you can either buy or use the trial version. Next is to follow the instruction to install it to your system

Why Won’t Photoshop Install: they are several issues that may cause Photoshop not to install in your system this are as follows:

Corrupt setup file: this is caused by a broken or corrupted file or deleted file, once this occurs it affects the installation processes thereby forcing it to stop while running. To fix this check the error report to see where it’s coming from then either download another or troubleshoot to see if it can be fixed.

Creative cloud issues: most time the version of the Photoshop you want to install is higher than the computer, sometimes there might be an already broken or registry file on the system which will prevent the creative cloud software to install. In the case of this, you need to clean up your system using CC Cleaner, or other cleaning software, after cleaning, you can re-install.

Incompatibility: this occurs when your current version of the system is not compatible or does not match the required specification listed, the common way to solve this is to check for the version that matches the system requirement on creative cloud platform

Can I Download a Trial Version of Photoshop: the answer to this is “YES”, Photoshop offers a trial and paid version, to download and install the trial version, log in to your account, locate the application catalog and click the trial button located at the edge of the software to download and install to your computer.

How to Retrieve my Adobe ID or Password: there are various steps to take in retrieving your Adobe ID, you can click here

Can I install Photoshop on another Computer: Using the same account, you can only install Photoshop on two computers, the trick I use to install to 3 or more system is, after the first two installations with my account, I will sign out my accounts on creative cloud software in the two systems, then install and activate on the rest. Though this trick works depending on the system in use.

Account Management Questions, answer/solutions

How can I change my password: for forgotten password, sign in to adobe platform, click on the forgot password text/button at the login/signup page, next is to follow the instruction to reset your password, in case you need guidelines click here.

How can I change my credit card details: for guides on how to change credit card info,

click here. How do I change/upgrade my Membership: it’s very easy to switch between membership plan, sign in to your account, locate either view plan or manage the plan, select the plan you which to upgrade or change to, then follow the instructions that follow. Still, having challenge to change/upgrade plan? click here.

How do I convert my trial, expiring soon: to upgrade your trial plan either during the trial period or when it’s expired, here are the simple steps to follows:-

  • Sign in to your account,
  • Click on the plan button located at the top menu, once that is done
  • Click the buy button on the specific plan you which to upgrade to
  • enter your billing information and follow the information that follows.

How do I cancel my membership and what will happen to my files: Its possible to cancel membership plan, if you do this will be the outcome of it:-

  • Your account will be downgraded to a free membership
  • You won’t have access to the app and most cloud-based services
  • Cloud storage will be reduced to 2GB.

To cancel your subscription, log in to your account, click on the account page, click manage the plan, lastly click cancel and continue.

Common Photoshop Error and Solutions

Common Issues you might encounter and fixes

How do I get help for an unknown Issue: Its important to always view the report after a failed action, this will help in identifying the problem/error at hand, another recommendation I will advice is to troubleshoot the application to see if it will be fixed. What is troubleshooting if you are not familiar with this word Click here to learn more about troubleshooting?

Why doesn’t photoshop recognize/detect my camera files: First of all, check if Adobe camera raw is installed in your system, if not open Creative cloud app on your system and search for Adobe camera raw then install, if this persists, you can troubleshoot the application to fix this.

How do I fix the graphic card, redraw or flashing image errors: if you’re experiencing image rendering issues, slow performance or crashes, this might be due to low or deceptive graphic card, it is recommended to troubleshoot and if it persists, try a lower version that matches your system specification.

Preview not working on my mobile device. Why: they are various factors that can cause this, check the listed below in other to fix this.

  • Verify that WiFi is enabled on both the computer and mobile devices.
  • Verify that your computer and your mobile device are on the same WiFi networks.

The most common mistake is having a mobile device on its cell network rather than WiFi.

  • If you are on the same WiFi network, and the router is set up to do subnet masking, verify that your computer and your mobile device are on the same subnet.
  • If you are on the same WiFi network, verify that your computer or your mobile device is not connected via a VPN.
  • Ensure that the router is set up for LAN.

Your computer and mobile device cannot communicate with one another if only WAN is enabled.

  • Verify your anti-virus, firewall, and host file settings.

Anti-virus, a firewall, or your host file may be blocking Photoshop or your device from communicating on your network.

  • Verify that you are logged in to Creative Cloud using the same Adobe ID on both your desktop and your mobile device.
Common Photoshop Error and Solutions

Why is Photoshop running so slow/lagging on my computer: You might need to optimize either of the following:-

  • Operating system
  • Hardware
  • Photoshop setup

To learn more visit adobe help desk here

Compatibility Issues and Fixes

Will Photoshop Run on my Computer: This depends on the version of Photoshop you intend to install; it is advisable to always check Photoshop requirement for the version you intend to install before downloading to install.

What cameras does Photoshop support: Photoshop uses Adobe camera raw plugins to import and enhance raw camera images from different devices

What graphic cards work with Photoshop: Photoshop works perfectly in any kind of graphic card, though it’s necessary to check the requirement of version if it matches your system in other to avoid lagging and other related errors that might occur in a short or long run.

Is Photoshop available in my native language: The Application is built in different languages, so it’s preferred to check the list of languages supported by Photoshop. Where can I find Photoshop release notes: you can always find the release note on the current or previous version of Photoshop on the release note page.

see also: How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcut Keys in Photoshop

Previous Version of Photoshop

Where can I find help for an old version: you can always visit the Photoshop help archive to get help on the previous or current version, alternatively, you can press f1 or click on the help at the help menu while using the application.

Can I Run an old version of Photoshop on a new computer: Yes, it’s possible to. Though your new system should meet the requirement to see if it matches

What do I do if my original installation disk is missing: adobe provides installers for current and previous original versions, though you can always download the installer from the creative cloud. Can I install both current and old versions at the same time: The answer to this is Yes, multiple version of Photoshop can be installed to one system.

Common Photoshop Error and Solutions

Conclusion, the listen above are the errors and solutions which can give you hints in fixing some photoshop Challenges though there are thousands of ways to fix issues in Photoshop, it is always necessary to check the report on every error or issues it develops, it’s easier to look for solutions than not knowing the cause of the error or issue.

So far, is this guide helpful, did it help you fix your application issues, what is lacking, your suggestions are also welcomed. And also like and share.

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