How to Create Adjustment Layers Based on Color

How to Create Adjustment Layers Based on Color

How to Create Adjustment Layers Based on Color

You might be having some challenges on how to create an adjustment layer in Photoshop based on color or complexion.

It is important to always bear it in mind that not all complexion in color can’t be adjusted with the same settings

How to setup adjustment Layer in photoshop

click on create new layer highlighted section

On the layer panel there are options below, click on the highlighted portion as it is in the above image

Then select Color balance, moreover, there are different options to go with I recommend this because it’s easier.

select color balance

After selecting a color balance option, an adjustment layer will be created at the top of your existing layers.

As it will you to adjust the layers based on color or the complexion of your current image.

Selecting Tone

To create an adjustment layer is not only based on color, highlights and shadows are needed are also involved in the adjustment process.

Sometimes the shadow and highlights can be less important but are necessary to always adjust to brighten or darken some areas of the image.

Since it’s a guide I decided to play a little bit with the adjust the shadow tone to the settings below.

shadow adjustments older image adjustment layer

after the adjustment we can see some changes to the looks of the picture, I will go further to adjust the highlights as well so we can compare the before and after image.

highlight adjustment highlight bold adjustment

You can see the changes in the image after adjusting the highlight.

The Effect of shadow, mid-tone, and highlight on the image

Before creating an adjustment layer with a color balance option it is important to understand how the tone options works, ie. Shadow, Midtone, and Highlight.

Shadow: while creating an adjustment layer in this context, shadow enables you to add or remove the color from shades of the image.

Midtone: this enables you to adjust color from the image based on color or complexion, for instance, yellow is not common in blacks, and the tone inside a room is different from the outside. you can switch between to see the differences.

Highlight: this simply helps in increasing or decreasing the exposure of colors in an image, making it dull or bright.

This is a basic guide on How to Create Adjustment Layers Based on Color in Photoshop.

if you any challenges, leave a comment in the comment section and you will reply soon.

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