Facebook analytics is going off what next?

Facebook analytics is going off what next?

Facebook analytics is going off what next?

the Facebook analytics tool which is said to be a standalone tool to check business and personal account data if going off soon

so, it is advisable for those currently using Facebook analytics to download their data, because by June 30, 2021, the feature will be removed and access will be denied on your existing data.

About Facebook analytics

It is a tool that provides reports about your Facebook page, Instagram profile, website, and mobile app depending on your account setup, it gives you statistics on daily basis on all activities on the connected pages, profiles, websites, or mobile apps.

Why you should download your data

I will recommend you downloading your data for future references, and also with the downloaded data you still have access to it even when the analytics feature is gone.

Facebook analytics is going off what next

As analytics is going off there is also a replacement for it, the individual tools to replace Facebook analytics are

Facebook business suit: this tool enables you to manage your business accounts on Facebook and Instagram, it shows detailed insights about your contents, trends, audience, and activities.

Event manager: you can manage Facebook business tools like Facebook pixel and the conversions API, reporting actions taken on your page, website, and physical store.

Ads manager: this lets you set up, make changes and view all your Facebook campaign/ads.

Page insights: this shows detailed reporting about your page activities like audience, content likes, etc.

Instagram insights: it displays detailed reporting about your Instagram business account such as audience, content, trends, etc.

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There are other features also available which are not mentioned here.

What to do next in order to download your data

You need to visit Facebook analytics by Clicking Here

The next is to download your data, if you are confused about how to download your data, follow the simple steps below.

Export and download from the chart in Facebook analytics

To download from Facebook analytics, it is recommended that you export first because that seems to be the only way to be able to download your data from the chart.


Downloading from Funnels, Cohorts, or Breakdowns sections

export to cvs
export to cvs

Downloading from these sections to your computer you need to

  1. Click in the … top right of the chart, then select Export as CVS.
  2. Your computer will begin downloading the information from the chart in a CVS file.

To download from other sections

For other sections of Facebook Analytics that support this feature, follow the instructions below.

You can’t export directly from Overview, but you can click the charts within it to see more details and export from individual charts.

To export and download from other sections of Facebook Analytics to your computer, click in the top right of the chart. Your computer should download the information from the chart in a CSV file

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