5 Micro Niches That Pays Well In Nigeria

5 Micro Niches That Pays Well In Nigeria

Do you know that there are numerous Micro Niches That Pays Well In Nigeria? and you can possibly make so much money with them?

So many Nigerian bloggers and website owners are still obscured about this and that is why they still suffering from low website incomes and all that.

Yeah, this is quite real. Long-time ago, I was able to meet a Nigerian blogger who has been into blogging for a long time but yet still does not know what a micro niche really is.

Apparently, in this very article, I’ll be sharing some reliable micro niches that pay well in Nigeria. But before I get started, I’ll like to bring to your notice what a micro niche means.

You knowing the meaning of what a micro niche means really matters a lot. There’s no way you can possibly understand this content if you don’t know the meaning of micro-niche.

What is a Micro Niche?

A micro niche simply means a task-specific niche. Micro niches are
quite different from a normal niche. I’ll just call it a sub-niche. A sub under the main niche.

In a normal niche, you may concentrate in an area of a particular target market but here in a micro niche, you will talk about a particular thing inside that area you may be blogging.

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Now, let’s take this as an example; if I should be blogging about health which we all know that health is a niche, but here in a micro niche, you will blog about something inside that health, let’s take pregnancy as an example.

Yes! Pregnancy is a micro niche, now pregnancy is a micro-niche which was derived out from the health niche. Not yet clarified? See below; Health Niche: Pregnancy (micro), Antenatal (micro), Illness (micro).

You can decide to blog about Antenatal care only or about illness only. In a micro niche, you shouldn’t blog the whole thing but just the micro.

Micro Niches That Pays Well In Nigeria

Now having understood what a Micro niche is, we will gladly unveil to you the best micro niches that pay more in Nigeria. Let’s talk about them below;

  • Scholarship
  • Politics
  • Jobs
  • Make Money Online
  • Jamb


Blogging about scholarship is really a nice catch. You see! In this
country (Nigeria), the economy is very poor that even the majority of our parents can’t afford to pay for their children’s tuition fees or perhaps school fees.

There is a massive drop-out of school students here, probably because of the low economy. You see! Every student is now looking for a way to study and perhaps acquiring a scholarship is the only option they had.

I am a living testimony to this, I once had a blog where I only blog about scholarship and to be sincere, the traffics is something else.
So, considering what we have in Nigeria, The Scholarship micro niche, will pay you very well. Just try it out, and share the same testimony just like me.


I challenge you this day; why not take a stroll to the streets and see the most trending topic. Yes! Each day, we get to hear new information and all these are all political affairs.

Here in Nigeria, political affairs are conquering other search records
online and that is why you see the internet stumbling with political
information. Try it out. It is what I call “Pure Politics”. Here you will only post political news, articles, podcasts, etc.


If you should check your friend’s recent search or history; you’ll get to understand that he’s been keeping a keen eye on current job/s updates.

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We are in the dispensation where people hardly go out to look for a job, but rather they prefer to do that here online. Now looking into Nigeria as a country, you will discover that the rate of jobless folks today is gradually or rapidly increasing on a daily basis.

Of course, no man would want to be idle, they could be left with the hope of looking for one here online or perhaps search for an offline job online too.

Make Money Online:

Yea! Honestly, this micro niche will really give you good hits to your
site. All you will concentrate here is all about making money online. Each day, everybody from different local circumstances looks for a means of earning either online or otherwise.


This micro niche is another high paying niche every Nigeria blogger should venture into. You’ll definitely make more money with such micro niche.

Although the profit of this very keyword or micro niche comes in seasonally. yeah, during jamb period that’s when you’ll make a whole lot of cash.


Good a thing that you have known what a micro niche is all about. You can begin or perhaps start with these top paying micro niches in Nigeria, or you can try out some other micro niches too, for example, you can blog about pregnancy only, and it is also a micro niche.

To be candid here, there are so many micro niches you can easily write on but make sure you do the ones you can be able to manage and handle.

Do you have any complaints, opinions, questions? Yea! Just feel free to send us feedback using the comment box below, we love your comments; thanks.

Benson Chidiebere
Author: Benson Chidiebere

Benson Chidiebere is one of the top Nigerian bestselling author, speaker, mentor, preacher, and entrepreneur. He has been reckoned to be one of the best up and doing young personnel whose main goal is youth.

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