How to make money online doing interview transcribing

How to make money online doing interview transcribing

How to make money online doing interview transcribing

Before showing you how to earn with interview transcribing, let me briefly explain what it is.

What is transcribing

Transcribing means making a written copy of something, relating it to our discussion of the day which is interview transcribing we can say:

Interview Transcribing is translating or making a written copy of an audio or video, i.e., converting them into text for easy reading.

You can agree with me that most of the journalists, bloggers, and media practitioners conduct thousands of hours of interviews in either audio/video format and finding it difficult to transcribe them on their own

Here you can help ease their work of transcribing and get paid doing so, here is the thing, journalists/bloggers outsource their audio/video scripts seeking interview transcribers for easy publication on papers or blogs.


Your role as an interview transcriber

Your task here is very basic and easy, you listen to audio or video then write it down word for word, currently, it is even easier we have some application whereby we can convert audio/video to text or vice versa

This interview transcribing thing is suitable for almost everybody and more suitable for people who love writing

How to make money online doing interview transcribing

What is required to become an interview transcriber

The basic requirement you need to get started:

  • Ability to read, write and fluently speak the language of your choice/ the language you wish to transcribe
  • Ability to listen and also understand multiple accents in your preferred language
  • Lastly, you need to be able to type faster, your typing speed is necessary.

Getting Started with Interview transcribing

On the list of transcribing sites, we’ll list below follow this step on all to get started

  • After visiting the site, create/signup an account, get it verified.
  • Search for task either video or audio play and listen then write
  • After completing the available task/job and it’s been confirmed/approved
  • You get paid.

List of Transcribing website


Another way to earn with interview transcribing is to visit local tv news stations, newspapers, magazines, and apply for a transcribing job.

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And once the job is offered to you, you can start earning from it.

Lastly, you can also contact bloggers, news website owners, and non-fiction writers by visiting their sites, send them a message via the contact page or email if it’s visible on the site.

Most of you will be wondering am I doing this for free because I’ve not mentioned any figure/amount you’ll be earning, you don’t have to worry about that, you’ll earn from $3 to $100 dollars per hour depending on your typing speed/completed task.

Once you attain the minimum withdrawal balance you can request for withdrawal kindly note that the minimum required withdrawal balance varies depending on the site, therefore it’s advisable to always check/read the withdrawal policy.

The more expertise you are, the more you earn.

Conclusion: this is not a quick get rich thing, though doing tasks subsequently can assist you in paying some of your bills and also make you feel more comfortable. As the popular saying half bread is better than none.

Let us know your thoughts, questions, contributions, or suggestions in the comment section of this post.

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