How to generate N160000 with just N1000 monthly – Crowdyloan

How to generate N160000 with just N1000 monthly – Crowdyloan

How to generate N160000 with just N1000 monthly – Crowdyloan

How to generate N160000 with just N1000 monthly – Crowdyloan (2)
How to generate N160000 with just N1000 monthly – Crowdyloan (2)

Are you in search of a lending platform that you can get returns on your investment as quickly as possible without waiting for too long or a longer period of time, if yes then relax take a cup of coffee and let’s ride on.

In this article I will be introducing to you Crowdyloan, it’s a peer-to-peer lending platform where members can provide financial aid to each other in return for interest (RFI).

About Crowdyloan

Crowdyloan is a decentralized platform that enables members to give directly to each other in return for interest, locally I will say it could be seen as “Ajo” a popular name for offline or physical contribution.

The difference here is that Crowdyloan operates online, since it’s a direct contribution within its members it will be very difficult for it to end soon or for them to run away with your cash.

How to register on Crowdyloan

  1. Click here to visit their website
  2. On the home page click on the create account menu
  3. Fill in the required information
  4. Once your account is created you need to verify your email and phone
  5. After verification is completed and you successfully log in to your account.
  6. Click on the give loan button
  7. A pop-up dialog displays with some instructions to follow and the duration you will receive your return for interest
  8. Scroll down and click on the give loan now, the system will peer you with a user with its account details and information
  9. Transfer the sum of N1000 shown on the detail page to the user account
  10. After the transfer is done go back to the site and click verify and the transaction panel and wait or call the user for approval once it’s approved

You will be upgraded to level one in order for you to request a withdrawal as well.

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Levels and durations available in Crowdyloan

To become a lender in crowdyloan a sum of N1000 is required, and this startup plan is to generate N160,000 in a month, here is the breakdown in milestones.

There are 6 levels on crowdyloan and members start from level 1.

Level 1: give a loan of N1,000 and receive N5000 in 5 minutes

Level 2: give a loan of N5,000 and receive N10,000 in 2 days

Level 3: give a loan of N10,000 and receive N20,000 in 4 days

Level 4: give a loan of N20,000 and receive N40,000 in 6 days

Level 5: give a loan of N40,000 and receive N80,000 in 8 days

Level 6: give a loan of N80,000 and receive N160,000 in 10 days

Referral system in Crowdyloan

Since it’s a peer-to-peer lending platform, you get 10% commission anytime your direct referral gives a loan and 5% commission anytime your indirect referrals give a loan, the commission will be added to your main balance.

Definition of the term direct and indirect referrals

Direct referral could be explained as the users which directly use your referral link to register on the platform, while

Indirect referral is when a user used the referral link of your direct referral while registering.


Note: it is mandatory that you have at least 5 direct referrals to be able to move to the second, this is only required for level 1, after which it becomes optional though the more referrals you get the more the increment in commission.

Conclusion: crowdyloan is a number one Nigeria’s lending platform, which helps you to generate N160,000 with just N1,000  I’m already a beneficial of this platform so I decided to share so you can benefit as well, Crowdyloan can’t scam you because funds goes directly from member to member and that what makes it interesting.

To register Click here

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