16th Annual All-Africa Service Project 2022 – The Church Of Jesus Christ

16th Annual All-Africa Service Project 2022 – The Church Of Jesus Christ

16th Annual All-Africa Service Project 2022 – The Church Of Jesus Christ

The church of Christ latter-day saints partnered with both government and non-governmental organizations to foster her 16th annual all-Africa project (AASAP)

At the press conference which was held at the church premises located at no 6 Opebi Ikeja, to discuss how to make this project a success.

This project would be held nationwide on Saturday 20th august 2022, between 7 am and 10 am, across Nigeria and its environs.

According to the press release on the 12th of august 2022, which highlights most of the activities that would be carried out across Nigerian states and Africa as a whole, some of the highlighted states are Lagos, Edo, Delta, Enugu, Rivers, Benue, Bauchi, etc.

Also here is a list of some of the activities that would be carried out and their locations, in Lagos, the primary aim is planting coconut trees at the beach in two primary areas,

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The Elegushi and Badagry beach, other locations are Benin city where the primary focus is to unclog drainage and other waterways for erosion control, at Otukpo Benue state donation of books at the library, free HIV, blood pressure, blood sugar, and malaria testing with free drugs will be carried out in Azikoro in Yenagoa.

To get an insight into the different locations and activities you can visit the church website by clicking here or dropping a message in the comment section for a response.

Listed above are some of the states and the activities to be carried out at different locations across Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Free or paid project?

You might also want to ask if the project is free or paid, while I was listing some of the activities I mentioned free testing for malaria, HIV, and others, this project is free, the activities are being carried out by volunteers from the church and other individuals including governmental and non-governmental.

If you are interested in volunteering for the success of this project you can drop your contact details and location on the form available on the church website you will be contacted

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Partners engaged in nationwide service projects

As indicated above here are some of the organizations the church partnered with to make this project a success, the Apostolic church, Lagos Waste management authority (LAWMA), Lagos state environmental protection agency (LASEPA), Lagos state coconut development agency (LASCODA), Oba of Elegushi, Oba of Badagry, Nigeria red cross society, etc.

This service project will be undertaken by the church and its partners across Nigeria.

Statistics briefs

It is stated that about seventy-five thousand (75,000) men, women, children, and youth of the church alongside fifteen thousand (15,000) non-members, will be offering about twenty-seven thousand (27,000) man-hours of free service to communities all over Nigeria during the service day, this service is also carried out in all countries in Africa where the church has a local congregation.

We use this medium to invite all community and well-meaning Nigerians and organizations to join in making this project a success by saving and beautifying the environment and value to our communities.

Note: this project is carried out in august yearly, and also other activities are carried out daily for the benefit of its community and dwellings, so be the hand that helps for the betterment of our society.

Conclusion: this project’s primary aim is to give free services and also help save a life by cleaning the environment and other activities like painting, renovating, blood donation, planting trees and flowers, filling potholes, mending fences, etc.

For more information visit the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints web pages

Website: africawest.churchofjesuschrist.org

Facebook: facebook.com/churchofjesuschristafricawest

News portal: news-africa.churchofjesuschrist.org

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