How To Deal With The Pain Of Breaking Up With The One You Love

How To Deal With The Pain Of Breaking Up With The One You Love

How To Deal With The Pain Of Breaking Up With The One You Love

Break up is one of the hurtful moments in a relationship. A very hard time for either party.  It is quite an awful feeling rejected or used by the person who meant so much to you. They probably might feel they have seen someone better than you even though they know you still love them.

The pain of rejection activates some of the same areas in the brain that are activated by physical pain, that’s how hurtful the pain can be. I know.

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Ways Of Dealing With The Pain Of Breaking Up With The One You Love

Search For Emotional Support

Acknowledge and express how you feel with the loss of your partner, this is the first step taken. Share your story with a close friend, family or an experienced person this would help ease the pain away. Make sure you are talking to someone with a listening ear, slowly as you engage in a longer conversation about your problem; you would observe you are feeling better and gradually forgetting the whole thing.

Pay More Attention To Your Physical Needs

During heartbreak many people neglect their physical needs. However, studies have shown that romantic break up can cause physical symptoms such as insomnia.

In other to avoid this you have to attend to your physical needs. Stay healthy, eat nutritious food and possibly engage in exercise this would help clear your mind of negative thoughts.

 Fill The Emptiness

Dealing with a romantic heartbreak leaves you empty.  It is advised you do things you love to feel that emptiness. Try to read books, pick a hobby or travel to places this would help clear the emptiness in you.

Forgive Him/her

Forgiveness is definitely not an option for many people, but you have to forgive the person that hurt you. This way your soul would be free and you don’t have to think about them.

Push Regret Away

Don’t live with regret. Because you are the one being hurt you would actually want to take the blame on yourself. Try not thinking about it even. Refuse to take the blame for the relationship’s end. Think positively and see yourself begin to heal.

Serve Yourself Respect

Try not to go ask for forgiveness especially when you are not the one at fault or trying to impress them by being who they want you to be.

Just be yourself and love you for you, you will definitely find someone who is meant for you.

Be Ready To Love Again

I would advise to follow the other steps before this one; it would prepare you for this. Finding a new lover after breaking up would not help rather it would worsen the case. Try to understand yourself and then you can love again. Have a happy love life for you.


Now you know it is time to move on despite the hurtful feelings that come with it. It’s definitely not an easy task but I assure you if you follow these steps above it would be much easier for you. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Send them through the comment box and get an instant reply from us. Thank you.

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