The Complete Biography Of Benny Hinn

The Complete Biography Of Benny Hinn

The Complete Biography Of Benny Hinn Benny Hinn is an evangelist and teacher noted as the messenger of God’s life-saving and miracle working power of the Gospel. He organizes healing services in his church, which is known by the name Miracle Crusade, in which he treats humans suffering from various diseases. Over the years, he has authored various best-selling books, including ‘Good Morning’, ‘Holy Spirit’, ‘Prayer That Gets Results’, ‘Blood in the Sand’, and ‘Lamb of God’. He even initiated the popular television program, ‘This Is Your Day’, which has become the world´s most-watched Christian program. With the viewership number crossing the one billion mark, the show is daily seen in over 200 countries on various Christian television networks. Additionally, he and his ministry are engaged in providing food, clothing, shelter, education and religious teachings to children across the globe. He has also rendered his support to various health care facilities, hospitals, crisis relief organizations, and feeding programs. Till date, he is committed to teaching the words of God by preaching the Gospel. He was born in 1952 in Jaffa to an Armenian mother and a Greek father. His family followed the Eastern orthodox tradition. After the end of Arab-Israel War, he along with his family moved base to Toronto, Canada. He enrolled himself at the Georges Vanier Secondary School. However, he did not graduate from the school. Very soon he changed his religious loyalties, converting himself from Greek orthodoxy to Pentecostalism. He even joined the singing troupe that comprised of young evangelical. He received his Bible education and was mentored by Dr. Winston I. Nunes of Broadview Faith Temple in Toronto. Furthermore, he was influenced by Kathryn Kuhlman, an evangelist who conducted the miracle service. Soon, he surrendered himself to Jesus Christ and was called to minister the Gospel.


In 1974, he received a vision of people falling into the inferno. He then heard the words of God which explicitly called him to preach so as to restraint the souls from falling down. It was in December 1974 that he first stood behind the pulpit to preach the Gospel. Interestingly, he suffered from a stuttering problem that healed automatically. The turn of events led him to fearlessly go about preaching the words of God. Thereafter, he moved to Orlando, United States, where he founded the Orlando Christian Centre in 1983. Soon, he claimed to have become the chosen disciple of God who was using him as a channel for healing humans suffering from various diseases. He started organizing healing services in his church Commonly known as Miracle Crusades, the healing services soon gained popularity and began to be held in large auditoriums and stadiums across US and other countries of the world. In 1989, he conducted the first nationally televised service in Flint Michigan. The success of the healing services led him to launch a daily talk show by the name ‘This is Your Day’. The program which premiered on the Trinity Broadcasting Network of Paul Crouch, went on to telecast supposed miracles from his Miracle Crusades. The show became world’s most-watched Christian program and was telecast on various Christian television networks including Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar Television Network, Revelation TV, Grace TV, Vision TV, INSP Networks, and The God Channel ‘This is Your Day’ enhanced his popularity amongst the common people and won him praises from Christian leaders. In 1999, he stepped down from his position as a pastor at the Orlando Christian Center shifting the ministry’s administrative headquarters to Grapevine, Texas. Currently, he is settled at Orange County, California along with his family. Till date, he conducts his faith healing event popularly known as ‘Miracle Crusades’ in major cities across the globe. Tens of thousands of people have visited his Holy Spirit Miracle Crusade camp each year. What’s more, he witnessed a 7.3 million attendance in three services in India, which is the largest ever healing service recorded. His ministry supports 60 mission organizations and orphanages across the globe, offering food, clothing, shelter, education and religious training to more than 10000 children per year and supporting 45000 children on a daily basis. Furthermore, it provides fee care services at a hospital in India, where more than 200,000 patients are treated annually. His ministry also forwarded a supporting hand during natural calamities like Hurricane Katrina and Tsunami Relief offering monetary support for relief supplies to the victims

Personal Life & Legacy Of Benny Hinn

He tied the nuptial knot with Suzanne Harthern on August 4, 1979. The couple was blessed with four children, three daughters – Jessica, Natasha, and Eleasha Hinn and a son (Joshua Hinn). The marriage did not last forever and the two filed for a divorce in Orange County Superior Court on February 1, 2010. He was allegedly in a relationship with evangelist Paula White but denied the same. In 2011, he was sued by the Christian publishing house Strang Communications, for violating the morality clause of his contract because of having an affair with Paula. In 2012, he reconciled with his former wife, Suzanne and eventually remarried her on March 3, 2013, at the Holy Land Experience Theme Park. The ceremony was attended by more than 1000 well-wishers. This televangelist commenced the television show, ‘This is Your Day’, which went on to become the most popular Christian show. His Mission as a minister: Benny Hinn Ministries claims to support 60 mission organizations across the world and several orphanages around the world, and claims to house and feed over 100,000 children a year and support 45,000 children daily because of his donors. Benny Hinn Ministries donated $100,000 for relief supplies for Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005, and $250,000 to the tsunami relief effort in 2007. The Fifth Estate did a special titled “Do You Believe in Miracles” on the apparent transgressions committed by Hi’s ministry With the aid of hidden cameras and crusade witnesses, the producers of the show demonstrated Hinn’s apparent misappropriation of funds, his fabrication of the truth, and the way in which his staff chose crusade audience members to come on stage to proclaim their miracle healings. In particular, the investigation highlighted the fact that the most desperate miracle seekers who attend a Hinn crusade; the quadriplegics, the brain-damaged, virtually anyone with a visibly obvious physical condition are never allowed up on stage; those who attempt to get in the line of possible healings are intercepted and directed to return to their seats. At one Canadian service, hidden cameras showed a mother who was carrying her muscular dystrophy-afflicted daughter, Grace, being stopped by two screeners when they attempted to get into the line for a possible blessing from Hinn. The screeners asked the mother if Grace had been healed, and when the mother replied in the negative, they were told to return to their seats; the pair got out of line, but Grace, wanting “Pastor Benny to pray for [her],” asked her mother to support her as she tried to walk as a show of “her faith in action,” according to the mother. After several unsuccessful attempts at walking, the pair left the arena in tears, both mother and daughter visibly upset at being turned aside and crying as they explained to the undercover reporters that all Grace had wanted was for Hinn to pray for her, but the staffers rushed them out of the line when they found out Grace had not been healed. A week later at a service in Toronto, Baptist evangelist Justin Peters, who wrote his Masters in Divinity thesis on Pastor Benny and has attended numerous Hinn crusades since 2000 as part of his research for his thesis and for a seminar he developed about the Word of Faith movement entitled A Call for Discernment, also demonstrated to the hidden cameras that “people who look like me” Peters has cerebral palsy, walks with arm-crutches, and is obviously and visibly disabled” are never allowed on stage. It’s always somebody who has some disability or disease that cannot be readily seen.” Like Grace and her mother, Peters was quickly intercepted as he came out of the wheelchair section (there is one at every crusade, situated at the back of the audience, far away from the stage, and never filmed for Hinn’s TV show) in an attempt to join the line of those waiting to go on stage, and was told to take a seat. This segment was later edited with new footage and shown on Dateline: NBC in November 2005.

The Complete Biography Of Benny Hinn

His Publications

  1. Kathryn Kuhlman: Her Spiritual Legacy and Its Impact on My Life – W Pub Group. ISBN 0-7852-7888-5.
  2. Good Morning, Holy Spirit – Nelson Books. ISBN 0-7852-7176-7. He Touched Me an Autobiography. Nelson Books. ISBN 0-7852-7887-7.
  3. The Anointing – Nelson Books. ISBN 0-7852-7168-6.
  4. Welcome, Holy Spirit How You Can Experience The Dynamic Work of the Holy Spirit in Your Life -Nelson Books. ISBN 0-7852-7169-4.
  5. This Is Your Day for a Miracle – Orlando, FL: Creation House. ISBN 0-88419-391-8.
  6. The Biblical Road to Blessing – Nashville, Tenn: Thomas Nelson Inc. ISBN 0-7852-7517-7.
  7. Miracle of Healing – Nashville, Tenn: J. Countryman. ISBN 0-8499-5399-5 .
  8. The Blood –  Lake Mary, FL: Charisma House. ISBN 0-88419-763-8.
  9. Going Deeper with the Holy Spirit – Benny Hinn Ministries. ISBN 1-59024-039-1.
  10. Lord, I Need a Miracle – Nashville, Tenn: Thomas Nelson Inc. ISBN 0-8407-6251-8.
  11. Total Recovery, Supernatural Restoration and Release. – Dallas, Texas: Clarion Call Marketing, Inc. ISBN 1-59574-038-4.

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