Top Best Money Sending App Online

Top Best Money Sending App Online

Top Best Money Sending App Online

Have you been searching for the top best money sending app online? If yes then you are at the right place. We have written this article just for you to help you with the best money sending app.  The money transfer app is also called peer-to-peer payments.

It is no longer news that sending money online is now easier, all thanks to those amusing Android and iOS apps that can send money online instantly. These apps come in when you really want to pay your friend or for service quickly.

Most of them have concluded over a thousand, millions and even billions of transactions.

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Aside from being trusted, the prices are quite cheaper, affordable and reasonable. Although they are totally different from each other, Most also come with the options of sending money across multiple currencies around the world.

Money transfer apps have made all the payment much simpler, the requirements are relatively easier on you. All you need is a Smartphone; download the app to transfer money instantly.

Top Best Money Sending App


Over the years, PayPal has been reliable and trusted with no form of breakdown.  And being one of the oldest money transfer applications available, it is somehow seen as the best among the rest. With its easy sending and receiving funds but it can come longer than expected. PayPal is good for international payment.


Oh yes, it has always been Venmo. It is a mobile payment platform and it is being owned by PayPal. But Venmo is much easier, and faster to use when sending your friends and families, or even receiving money from them. They are quick and easy with its added social features and can also pronounce them safe and secure. Venmo charges just a 3 percent fee for credit cards. Isn’t it awesome? Yes, it is.

Western Union

Western Union app is no doubt to be seen in the list, they are publicly seen as the top best when it comes to listing out money transfer app. With Western Union app, you can always send money to your friends, families, business partners in over 200 countries. To even make payment smooth, and easy, they also installed the Touch ID recognition, and it lets you know how much your money transfers should cost, and provides all Western Union branch listings. Western Union comes handy in global payment and you can even track your payment. There is the option of paying directly from your bank account, card or in cash.


Looking for the best money transfer app for a small amount of money? then look no further than this. The World Remit service boasts of being the fastest among others, ‘send money from your mobile as quickly as a text message’ and this is absolutely true. If you are curious, it is available on iOS and Android app. You can also choose how the recipient should receive the money, and both send and receive will get SMS or email alerts when the transfer is complete. World Remit most impressive feature is the processing time, which is just a matter of minutes, making for near-instant availability at the other end.


These are the top best money transfer app for you, allowing you to send money to your friends and families. And you can also complete international payment, with faster processing time. Most of their service takes minutes, hours or days to finish the international money transfer.

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