paragraphs for your crush: Writers Block

paragraphs for your crush: Writers Block

Paragraphs for your crush: Tips to Overcome writers block

paragraphs for your crush Writers Block
paragraphs for your crush Writers Block

Who is more to be pitied, a writer bound and gagged by policemen or one living in perfect freedom who has nothing more to say?    ― Kurt Vonnegut

This, every writer has an experience and also have something to say. It took me weeks to be able to publish my first article, i was having passion for writing and i didn’t know how to get started, in this article i will be sharing my experience and how i managed to overcome those blocks known as “Writers Blocks”. Let’s jump into the business of the day.

Table of Content

  1. Meaning Of Writers Block
  2. Conditions
  3. Causes
  4. Solutions
  5. Others
Paragraphs for your crush: writers block


Writers Block can be referred to the Inability of a writer/author to produce new work/content or experiencing creative slowdown. Note: this loss is not as a result of commitment problem, writing disability or lack of writing skills. Its accompanied with some factors which will be discussed on the causes of Writers Block


Inability to Generate Ideas: This is as result of a writer not able to generate original ideas for his/her article or post making it last for longer period of time or inability to complete work for years.

Being Too decisive: This has been on of the most Blocks that ruins writers, and it could be seen as changing project topics and works which makes you unable to produce any work or place in a situation that gets you thinking of which to produce first.

Procrastination: you might be wondering why procrastination; procrastination could be seen as “a delay in executing an action”.  This affects writers in such a way that once an idea comes up and its being delayed to put down, the longer it takes the more irrelevant it becomes which will result to inability to produce quality content on the said topic

Time passing without writing: this condition is as a result of not producing any work for a longer period of time, which gradually depreciate the ability of writing effectively. They are lots of conditions attached to writer’s block, the listed above are the common. Next is the causes of writers block which leads to the conditions above.

Paragraphs for your crush:  writers block


paragraphs for your crush Writers Block
paragraphs for your crush Writers Block

Creative Problems: this refers to a mental process being unable to generate quality ideas to produce new work this is not limited to just writing, one can also write with this inability of producing creative content and that might affect your targeted audience from coming back to visit.

Distraction from other Events: This could be seen as a divided attention; it occurs when there are other activities to carry out and at such will limit your sense of reasoning to produce new work effectively.

Depression: When everything feels so low that things you previously enjoyed no longer holds the same joy, being depressed affects the performance of oneself, it affects the way you think, how you feel and how act.

Physical Illness: being ill is one of the major causes of Writers block such as an under-active thyroid, affect the way the brain works, they cause anxiety and depression directly, you might by chance to become anxious or depressed at the same time as you become physically ill.

End of a relationship: every one has experienced this, though it might be either directly or indirectly. When you lost someone, you love or care about either by demise or an end of a relationship. You experience general disorder which depreciates your interest or develops hates for the thing around you. Therefore, its serve as on of the causes of writer’s block.

Paragraphs for your crush: writers block

Financial pressure: its related to the monetary aspect of life, either being financially unstable or out of cash for some periods of time. Which could lead to lots of thinking and unstable mindset. It could affect the progress of producing or writing. Its another form of block which hinder creative writing.

Sense of failure: as a beginner or an advance writer, there is a point in time you experience this. Sometimes you feel your writing is not good enough or you are not being productive. This discourages and kills the zeal to continue. Subsequent occurrence of this act could lead to loss of interest.

Pressure to produce work: due to the fact that writing deals with mental stress, one need to think to generate ideas and also put them to writing. In a case of work pressure, you have limited time to do this in other to meet deadline or forced to produce new job at a set period of time. Another related instance is when you are been given to work on a genre, you’re not good at. Which affects the work flow.

Under stress: when you are stressed nearly every system in your body will experience disrupts, it can suppress your immune system according to stress can increase the risk to heart attack and stroke. There when stressed you get port signal which increase the inability of being productive.

Paragraphs for your crush: writers block


Brainstorming: this could be seen as a group of creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion on a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members, this includes requesting ideas on a specific topics from friends, team members or searching for related topic ideas online. which will boost your creative thinking. You can  click here to read more on Brainstorming

Free Writing: it’s helps in developing the interest in writing when you develop the habit of free writing, improving your confidence and makes you less worried on how to begin or finish  new product.

Mind Mapping: according to Oxford dictionary, mind map is a diagram in which information is represented visually, usually with a central idea placed in the middle and associated ideas arranged around it. this also help in improving your Ikigai. this helps in organizing your learning and creative structure by listing topics based on hierarchy, dealing with with the prominent products, it also helps in telling you which product to consider next.

Go for a walk: its often advisable to go for a  walk anytime you notice weakness or any sign of depression, it helps in refreshing your being and body system thereby gaining more stamina. which makes you deem fit to write more.

Split in section: Depending of project, it is advice-able to split in sections, to limit the possibility of getting exhausted.

Read Inspirational Quotes: This motivates and give you the stamina to improve and also focus, it helps in changing a negative mindset to a positive one for periods of time.

Listen to Music: though this method does not work for everyone, it is advice-able to listen to music, i won’t state recommendation on the type of music or genre to listen to because everyone has it’s favourite, i will advice if you love Jazz, Hip-hop, classic or any genre. listen to them and also try to mix it up with other genre of your best interest.

Paragraphs for your crush: writers block


The listed above are not the only solutions/remedy to writers block according to research different methods has been used as solutions, some others are Calling and old friend, reading books, spending time with someone or group of people that makes you feel good, create routine time and more of them. My suggestions to the above mentioned is try to understand the areas you are getting this blocks, is it creative problem, laxity, depression or any other listed or not listed above. because you can’t treat a problem you don’t know where it is originated from, it can only be subdued for a period of time, then triggers again.

Paragraph for your crush: writers block it is also advice-able to keep you sentence short and simple and also avoid too many grammar, in order not to upset your users, and also develop you own writing technique that you would be familiar with. this connects you and your prospect, making them to understand your pattern. In Conclusion: write more on your preferred niche which you are good at, and less on others. and also attend seminars and talks to get you exposed to trends, make friends and share you thoughts and ideas.

Author: Zazasco

Am a professional with more than 5 years of experience in Graphic designing, Content Creation, Web/Mobile Development, Animation, Vfx, Photo/Videographer, Branding. Am so much passionate about what I do and always researching to improve myself to meet up with trends and demands, I love teaching and also open to learning new skills. For more info. About me send me a message indicating your questions and get a reply from me.

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