IELTS Application 2018 with Images

IELTS Application 2018 with Images

IELTS Application

1. Please ensure you confirm the exact module you are registering for from the Authority that is requesting proof of English.
2. Please note that payment is by bank transfer or bank draft (in favor of British Council from any Nigerian Bank), the test fee is NGN 68,000
4. Please ensure your international passport is still valid and clear (not damaged) on your chosen test date.
5. You can only use the name that appears on your international passport. If you have undergone a name change, ensure the change is effected on your valid international passport.
6. Please ensure that you give a clear and detailed mailing address on the application form and ensure you break the address on the different address fields. Otherwise you can choose to pick your results at the British Council office closest to you. Please do not give PO Box or PMB as these would NOT be delivered
7. If you would like to request for additional copies of your results to be sent to institutions abroad, please include the complete addresses with area codes as well as your case number with the organisation. Otherwise, you can apply for these when you receive your scores 13 days after your test date. Please visit this link to know how:
Final points:
  • Please bear in mind that the Speaking test could come up within 7 days around the test date you registered for. A notice will be sent 4-7 days before the test date to notify you of your schedule and venue. Please be informed that your Speaking test will not be rescheduled if you fail to turn up at the allotted time.
  • Please ensure you appear for your test with the original international passport as no other form of identification will be allowed. The international passport presented must match the one used during registration.
Our Business hours are 8:00am – 3:30pm, Monday to Thursday
8:30am – 12pm, Friday.
Telephone: +234-1- 4603090
login to  choose your country and click on continue
Find test date by selecting the Month/Year, Town/City and Module.
the Module is either Academic or General Training. then click on Find.

Check for the available date by selecting the Date listed as available by clicking to apply.

Read the Terms and Conditions Carefully, to your understanding click the check box labelled ” I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions
then click Continue.



Enter the candidate details by filling in all valid informations which is required from you. e.g

Email Address: *
Confirm Email Address: *

Please ensure you enter your email address correctly as we will use it to inform you about your application and to provide you with essential details about your test day.
Title: *
First (given) name(s): *

Note: These names must be the same as the names in your Identification Document, and must appear in the same order.
Last name (family name/surname): *
First Language: *
Country of Nationality: *
Date of Birth: *
Identification Document: *
Note: Please indicate which document you will be using as proof of identity and give the number below. Candidates taking the test outside their own country may be required to present a current passport; be sure to check with your test centre what form of ID you need.
You must bring the ID document indicated below to the test. This is the only form of identity that will be accepted on the test day. The document must be valid/not expired at registration and on the test day.
Identification Document Number: *
Address: *
Town or City:
County or State:
Zip / Postal Code:
Country: *

Please note you will only be sent one copy of your results.
Mobile number: *

Telephone: **

Please provide full and accurate contact information including postal address, phone and mobile number and email which are in constant and valid use as candidates may be contacted by the test centre or the test partner before or after the test to access the full test registration and administration.
What is your occupation sector?: *
What is your occupation level?: *
Why are you taking the test?: *
Which country are you applying to/intending to go to?: *
What level of education have you completed?: *
How many years have you been studying English?: *
Where are you currently studying English (if applicable)?:
then upload a scanned copy of your passport. 1.5 mb or less. formats accepted are JPEG, GIF or PNG.
and other neccessary information available on this stage then Click Continue

Confirm all your details if there is any error or mispelled words or omission in any number/ text. if all is correct then Continue.

It will Refere you to the summary page indicating that youe application is recieved with other relevant details and information.
click the print this page button to print. then you can proceed to the payment.
information/guidelines about the payment is also indicated in this Page.

for more information Visit the website @

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