Top 5 Best Ludo Games For Android And Their Features

Top 5 Best Ludo Games For Android And Their Features

Top 5 Best Ludo Games For Android And Their Features

In this article, we would be sharing with you the top best ludo games for Android phones.  Playing calm games is amazing; they go as far as helping to put your mind at rest. Read below the top 5 Best Ludo Games For Android And Their Features

Board games have really been more fun since our smartphones can now carry them, am talking about our Android mobile phones. And yes, Ludo games are suitable for any age, be it small, young or old, it fits every category, stages and even satisfy your mental memories.

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5 Best Ludo Games And Their Features

1. Ludo Classic

The first on my list and we can assure you it’s the best. Do you want relaxation when playing a game? then Ludo Classic should be on your phone.

Features of Ludo classic

Multiplayer Online with Facebook Friends
Multiplayer offline with Bluetooth
Classic Wooden and neo-Ludo boards
Support 2, 3, 4 Players
Die rolling
Game AI
Player Names & Colors – Can be manually decided
Last Played Match – You can quit the game and play from where you left last time
Game Instructions & Help – Helps you to follow the match easily
Multi-color dies – One can easily understand who’s turn is current
Decide – Before returning your opponent’s tokens in your square
Real-time die feature – You can have a die or dice on your hand, and toss it.

2. Ludo Game

Also known as Parchis in India is one of the very best Ludo games. It can be downloaded in any country, nation, or language. It has a lot of encouraging comments, reviews from users online.

Features of Ludo game

Play Together
Play with friends
Game-On Tournament Leader-board fix
Game performance Improvements
Minor Bug Fixes

3. Ludo Championship

On the list of the top best Ludo board strategy game is the Ludo Championship. Where you can easily play with the computer, but it requires you to be among the top and professional shots. If not, you don’t have a chance with Ludo Championship.

Features of Ludo Championship

1 to max 4 players can join the game
Players can select one of three different patterns of the game board.
Use items wisely when it is most required.
Players can earn more gold from the Battle mode.
16 languages supported
Achievements & leader board supported
Tablet PC supported

4. Naija Ludo

Calling all the kings of the Ludo game, here is your most popular & most loved Ludo game in its classical form. Very amazing game to try out make sure you do.

Features of Naija Ludo

Three colorful boards.
Online multiplayer
Visual hand added
Bluetooth Multiplayer
Multiplayer is fully supported through Wifi (2 players)
Difficulty level added(Easy, Normal, Hard, and Advanced)
Speed control added. You can control how fast a Piece move.
You can enable or disable the barrier
You can enable or disable safe-house
You can position the board the way you like
You can choose to play with one dice or two dice
You can decide to remove a piece when it captures the opponent’s piece or not
You can decide to play again when you capture an opponent’s piece irrespective of the outcome.

4. Parchisi STAR Online

Another amazing Ludo game for your Android-powered Smartphone is the Parchisi STAR Online. And as the name goes, it is an online multiplayer version of the popular classic board game Parchis.

Features of Parchisi Star Online

It is totally FREE to play
2 or 4 player Parchis board game
Chat and send Emoji while you play the game
Designed for Tablet & Phone
Daily Magic Chest. Open to win up to 50K Coins every day
Unlock achievements while you play this amazing game
Dice Collection

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