How to Activate Developer option in Excel

How to Activate Developer option in Excel

How to Activate Developer option in Excel

Developer option enabled
Developer option enabled

The Developer Ribbon is an important and sensitive section in Excel, it is used by both advanced Excel users and developers to input functions like fields, buttons, checkboxes and also making them functional.

It can also be used to create and design databases for reports etc. though in this guide I won’t go into details on how to Developer properties and their function, that’s another topic/article on its own.

The Developer options can be used in doing and completing a complex task because of its drag and drop and coding functionality available.

How to Activate Developer option in Excel

It can be used in designing a VBA (Visual Basic Application) Project and also for XML and SQL in connecting databases to your project.

Below are the two ways you can activate Developer options for use.

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  1. The Quick Access Toolbar is located at the top left of the Excel interface, click the last option to Customize the quick access toolbar
  2. On the drop-down menu, click on more command
  3. A dialog box will display showing all the settings in Excel displaying the quick access toolbar and other menus.
  4. Click on customize Ribbon
  5. On the customize Ribbon options, here you can add remove actions from the Main Tab.
  6. On the Main tab click on the Developer checkbox to activate it
  7. Press Ok.

These are considered as the faster and time-saving steps to activate the Developer option by using the Quick Access toolbar.

How to Activate Developer option in Excel

What now happens when the quick access toolbar can’t be found or located, follow the second steps below to activate.


Click on the File Menu

On the options that displays, scroll down and click Option,

The options dialog box will display.

You can continue from step four to the last of the first method as stated above.

Note: this guide was made with office 2016, and it also is used with any version of Excel.

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