Top Best Text Messaging Apps For Android

Top Best Text Messaging Apps For Android

Top Best Text Messaging Apps For Android

This article reads the best Android messaging apps for your Smartphone. These are text messaging apps for Android mobile devices.

Over the decades, apps keep getting better and better and this does not exclude the Android messaging apps.

The report shows that more people are texting this day than ever, as it stands as the best and fastest way of communicating and this set of people is within the range of friends, families, and businessmen.

Though, lots of people still prefer that special sense of listening to the people they are communicating with it is still not bad to keep a text messaging app on your phone.

All single mobile phones are completely pre-loaded with default SMS apps, which is SMS/text messaging. But the issue here is that they are often not very good.

That is why; we have taken our time to serve you the best text messaging apps for android.

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Text Messaging Apps For Android

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is Facebook’s owned text messaging apps for Android smartphones. It is good but incomparable to others in the list, as it features lots of ads, drains a lot of batteries, occupies much storage and RAM. For better texting on Android phones, you can enable SMS support, which allows you to also text your contacts on your phone. Well, it is also fun to chat and text with Facebook messenger.

Chomp SMS

It is definitely free to download and use, but for more premium preferences, there are optional in-app purchases. Aside from that, Chomp SMS can be classified as the best first third-party texting apps. It includes a lot of amazing classic features, which can make your texting or message more classical, and they are emojis, SMS blocking, quick reply in the notifications, MMS, Wear OS support, and group messaging.

Textra SMS

One of the most known texts messaging apps on Android is Textra SMS. It is not just the most popular, but also the most solid texting apps for Android smartphones. And like the Chomp SMS, it has free features but to get more premium/pro features, there is a single in-app purchase for $2.99. There are a bunch of amazing features that will excite you and make your messaging smarter, such as the ultimate customization, which allows you to design your own world of texting, from the background, notifications, contacts, emoji, and bubbles. While others are a dark mode, floating notifications, delayed sending, slide to delete, support for Android Wear, Pushbullet, MightyText.

Handcent Next SMS

We are happy to introduce you to Handcent Next SMS for Android Smartphones. It is a super materially designed text messages app on Android devices, and much more like the Chomp SMS with amusing features. Some of them include a dark theme, a privacy box to store private conversations, SMS backup, eCards, emojis, and much more. It is critically the best, and it is solid to the down.


There are lots more text messaging apps for android but these ones are the top best and yes they are so amazing to use. Go to the google play store to download any one of your choices. Feel free to send your questions or suggestions through the comment box. Thank you.

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