How To Download Fidelity Bank Mobile App

How To Download Fidelity Bank Mobile App

How To Download Fidelity Bank Mobile App

Fidelity mobile app
Fidelity mobile app

Have you been searching on how to download Fidelity Bank mobile app? Then, you are in the right place. In this content we would be sharing with you how to download Fidelity Bank mobile app to help you with your day to day transactions. The idea of a mobile app has really been a thing of success because, it has helped reduce the stress customers pass everyday by queuing up in the Bank, most times they end up not meeting with the day’s transaction.

Read carefully through this content and see the importance, features and how to download the mobile app.

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Importance Of Fidelity Mobile App

  • It makes it easier to transfer funds
  • You can buy unlimited airtime without stress
  • It makes it easier to pay your PHCN, GOTV, DSTV bills and subscriptions online
  • You can request for your statement of account online
  • Less stress in purchasing your flight ticket.

Features Of Fidelity Bank Mobile App

  • Funds transfer to Fidelity Bank and other Banks
  • Bills payment- PHCN, GOTV, DSTV etc.
  • Phone airtime purchase
  • Balance inquiry
  • Mini statement
  • You can confirm beneficiary name for funds transfer
  • You can purchase your flight ticket
  • Carry out your cheque management
  • Locate Banks and ATMs closest to you

How To Download Fidelity Bank Mobile App

  • Go to app store on your device
  • Search for the Fidelity Bank Mobile App using the keyword “Fidelity Bank” and click on “Install”
  • Exit app store after installation is complete
  • Click on the Fidelity Bank icon on your mobile phone to launch the app

CONCLUSION: I believe you have seen how easy it is to download the app. Make sure to download it, no extra charge just small amount of data to download it. Share this content and help create awareness of the mobile app. Do you have questions or suggestions? Send them to us through the comment box. Thank you.

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