Getting started with Microsoft Team

Getting started with Microsoft Team

Getting started with Microsoft Team

Getting started with Microsoft Team
Getting started with Microsoft Team

Its a platform designed by Microsoft to enable business, organizations, co-operative communicate effectively with its features.

in this article we will be discussing in detail how you can use Microsoft Team to manage your organizational needs. it comes in two (2) version, Team and Team (Free).

Things to do First Getting started with Microsoft Team

Signup: As you know in most websites and platform, to get access to its some data, one needs to Register or Signup. all you need to do is to visit Microsoft website

Getting started with Microsoft Team
Getting started with Microsoft Team

Click on the Signup button, you will be redirected to, enter you Microsoft account details and Sign in, if you don’t already have an account, Signup. once this is done, enter you company details on the next page that displace. once that is done, click on the Signup button to complete the registration, wait for your account to be created and configured.

Invite Friends/Team Members: After signup, everything looks great, the next inline is to invite team members, i.e. inviting your crew to join the team.

add team members
add team members

Create Channels: The next in consideration is to create channels for the users or team members, though at default a General channel is created for all invited members of the team, you can check here on how to create channels and the types of channels depending on your preference if you don’t how to do so already.

Creating Channels
Creating Channels

Post Message In Channel: after you might completed the step above, next is to start conversation with the members of the team by clicking of the channel is which to post a message and begin typing once your’re done typing click the send button to update the message on the channels selected by you.

Post message to channel
Post message to channel

Sending Private Message to Members: You can send one on one chat to members of your team by clicking the name, typing and sending message to the said member.

Placing Files as Tab at the top of Channel: You can pin important files as Tab at the top of the Channel, making it easy for members of your team access the file with ease without having to search for the file or files which is considered as superb.

Features Microsoft Team

  • Connect your Team to the world with connectors
  • Stay in the loop with activity alerts
  • Keep communication fuss free—Title your chats
  • Tag people to get your message noticed
  • These are a few of my favorite Teams
  • Keyboard shortcuts make Teams more accessible
  • Make collaborating on files a breeze
  • Streamline access with custom tabs
  • It’s all about meme
  • Have a question about Teams? Fear not, help is on the way!
  • Always be in the know with notifications
  • Take your team with you

Connect your Team to the world with Connectors

Connect your team to the world with connectors
Connect your team to the world with connectors

With the office 365 Connectors you can add and also setup Twitter feed and many others like GitHub, Bing, News etc. which makes it easy to connect to your favourite apps and services.

Here is the How to.

  1. Right-click the channel you want to add a connector to.

  2. Select Connectors.
  3. Search for the connector(s) you want to add to the channel.
  4. Click Add, and follow the prompts.

Stay in the loop with activity alerts

Notifications on activities
Notifications on activities

With the notification turned on, you will be notified on every activities like mentions, updates and more within the team. To turn the Notification on, go to settings and do so, to get prompts on all activities.

Keep communication fuss free—Title your chats


Adding title to your Chat/message
Adding title to your Chat/message

This feature enables you to add title to you messages in order for easy searching, when its been needed.

Tag people to get your message noticed

tagging or mentioning people on chat or message
tagging or mentioning people on chat or message

While typing a message with this feature as you all know you can mention a member of your team using the @ followed by the name of the member of the team notifying him/her about your message.

These are a few of my favorite Teams

pin favourite channel
pin favourite channel

Favourite channels can be pinned at the top of the Team for easy accessibility, instead of scrolling or searching for it. here are the steps to pin a channel.

  1. In your Teams list, find one of the channels you work with most often.

  2. Select . . . to the right of the name.
  3. Select Pin.

Keyboard shortcuts make Teams more accessible

Shortcut keys in Team
Shortcut keys in Team

Without your mouse you can use the keyboard to carry out action in the Team interface, to access the shortcut, press “Ctrl + /” for Windows or “CMD + /” for Mac to display the shortcut keys.

Make collaborating on files a breeze

Adding a file
Adding a file

This feature enable adding files and also giving access to the individual or members of the team access to the file. to do this, follow the step below.

  1. On the menu at the top of your channel (above the conversations), select Files.

  2. Select New to create a new file, or Upload to upload an existing one.

Now the file is shared with your entire team, and everyone’s edits will show up as they’re made.

Streamline access with custom tabs

Giving access to files and sites
Getting started with Microsoft Team

Give your Team mates access to files, tools and sites they use everyday by creating custom tabs

Select + on the menu at the top of your chat or channel to add a tab. They’ll be visible to all your teammates instantly.

It’s all about meme


Add GIFs to inject some personality into your conversations.

To add a GIF to your reply, just click GIF button at the bottom of the conversation view at the bottom of your conversation view. Search for, or select, a GIF from the picker. Click Send when ready.

Have a question about Teams? Fear not, help is on the way!


There’s an app for that. In the bottom left corner of Teams is where you’ll find Help.

Select Topics, then choose from a list of help topics, or check out the Training tab to watch short how-to’s on the basics of Teams.

Always be in the know with notifications


Notifications keep you current with what’s happening in your Teams. Turn them on, turn them off, choose how and when to be notified: it’s all up to you.

  1. Select your picture at the top right of Teams.
  2. Choose Options > Notifications.
  3. For each type of notification, choose an option.

Take your team with you

Team Messages
Team Messages

The Teams mobile app helps you connect and collaborate wherever you are.

The app is available on iOS and Android. Participate in conversations, join meetings on the go, and access all of your teams, channels, files, and more.

Now you are done Getting started with Microsoft Team. and have seen it’s benefit.

Comparing Team (Free) and Team subscription plans

Compare plans
Compare plans

The Team (Free) has limited features, to enjoy Microsoft Team to its maximum, you will have to upgrade to either office 365 or Office 365 Premium as referred in the image above.

So far was this article interactive, what are your suggestions, contributions or questions, was it helpful. kindly drop a comment with your taught, and don’t forget to refer and share this Post.

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