Why she is so sad in valentine?

Why she is so sad in valentine?

Why she is so sad in valentine?
she needs someone to behold her and make her feel like the best woman in the world, someone to be there for her when she needs a companion, a caring and nice person.
she has always dreamt about all the good things in life to come close to her dwellings, but you know what, she never gets all that she desires

is she not beautiful, what has really gone wrong…
let’s proceed, we will discuss this in detail.
so many girls/women got this burning desire for flashy things, wanting to live life to its fullest, doing things that are not meant to be done forgetting the consequence that accompanies them.


on one faithful day, I woke up in the morning, prayed, carryout my morning cores, take my bath, and went to work, on my way back from work, I saw a damsel, in her beautiful attire, a good design gold dress with patterns, gold hills, handbag and a wristwatch on her left wrist, she walked so majestically that she gained the attention of the people around.

before I could analyze the incident, my heart begins to beat fast, with many incoming thoughts and imaginations, how I wished she is my girlfriend, an idea came to my head to request direction as if am new and luckily for me it worked out.

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after getting her directives, I don’t know when I said to her you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen due to tension and my desires for her, she winked at me with a smile and replied thank you.

at this period I was overflowed with joy, it occurred to me to also request her contact so we can meet up anytime soon though I was scared of rejection or let me say refusal.

I managed to say it out, she stressed forth her hands and I handed my phone to her as she typed an 11 digit number on the phone and dialed and it rang on one of her phones, I was singing and doing some demonstrations as she stirred at me with a warm smile as she said till we meet again.

It’s a dream come true, she is just like a goddess I concluded. late that night I had to call her to see how she was fearing and also place a request for a meetup.

she responded very fine and the conversation was very fluent more than I expected, after our first meetup which was an unforgettable one. my new friend became my lover we loved each other, our bond was very strong that we could sense if the other is troubled and reach out without a physical meetup.

yea, I have found my life partner I will always say. during the cause of our relationship about the 4th to 6th month, I began to notice some changes, at first I wanted to ask but it quickly occurred to me that not all days and times are the same so I kept quiet and played along.

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one morning while dressing to go out for business, I got a call, when I checked it was her, I said in my mind… today is blessed though the reverse is the case here.

she said to me guy, I know you will be mad at me after saying this but please accept my apology, she continued… what we shared together is ended, let’s just be friends…

for about 5 to 10 minutes I couldn’t move, talk or do anything when was fully recovered, I tried calling back and she didn’t pick my call.

I managed to go to work while coming back I waited at our meetup point but I never saw her.
was it actual love or an illusion, what have I done wrong, this question was left unanswered?
unknown to me that she had left for another guy, so I decided to move on, after some months later after the Xmas and new year celebration is passed by, it was on valentine’s day. towards evening I decided to chill out alone since there was no one to go out with, I meet her sitting very lonely and sad, tears dripping on her left chick gorgeously dressed.

I decided to go close to ask why, with fear of being bullied.
I went closer she saw me and gave me her right hand and stretched forth mine giving her a handshake. she apologized and told me the whole story and also she was afraid to come back because I might not accept her again.

here is a brief of what she said, the guy I left you for pretends to be who he’s not after few weeks of our relationship, he takes everything with force from me if I refused, sex, kiss, money, etc. and threatened to do me more harm if I think of leaving him. and today we were supposed to go out, but I waited for him, he didn’t show up when I called he said he has gone out with another person.

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what a pity, I quickly remember a saying which states that you won’t know the importance of someone unless you lose that person.
I tried to cheer her up asked her if she can come with me, she said no so I insisted that she must come, after a long persuasion she agreed to come with me.

after having fun and relieved her of sadness, on our way going back home she said to me, Sweetheart its always good to find the uniqueness of someone even if you don’t love that person, also it’s required to also check for compatibility in order to gain access to a peaceful and lovely relationship.

Why she is so sad in valentine?
Why she is so sad in valentine?

this is how I see it, at first when we met, the love/bond was strong which kept us together, for a short period of time, the love faded away due to my inability to seek more of her.

at that period I didn’t know her likes and dislikes and I also fail to understand her person in general, irrespective of me giving her the attention and love she needs there are loopholes that were left unnoticed.

from her end, she is impatient due to the love she had for flashy luxuries that this is what took her to a place that doesn’t suit her.

let make it clear to you no matter how bad or evil a person is there is always one person that he/she cant harm or do any bad thing to.

relationship is not a marketplace nor a place of disaster, it is the union between two compatible souls with the aim of assisting/helping each other to attain certain goals.

I will love to hear your thoughts and contributions on this in the comment section, hope this article adds a little value to your expectations.

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